In the production of straw articles, Homero Ortega is a company that has contributed to the fame of the Panama hat and its place in the world context. Five generations of the Ortega family dedicated to hat making constitute our letter of introduction, proof of our experience, seriousness, and the high quality of our products.

The life of Homero Ortega, our company’s founder, focused on the production of straw hats. From childhood he was involved in this activity, learning it from his father, Aurelio Ortega Garcia. Together they trekked through the El Cajas mountain region, over the continental divide, to reach the port of Guayaquil. There they sold their hats “on board” to merchants who transported them to Panama.

In 1972 our firm was established as a corporation.  Its success is based on our capacity to adapt and our conception of the straw hat as the epitome of a popular cultural expression. In crafting a Panama hat, manual skill intermingles with the natural nobility of the toquilla straw and the cultural wealth of the Ecuadorian people.

  • We are producers.
  • 40 years experience exporting to 32 countries on five continents.
  • ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certification for the design, production and export of hats and straw articles.
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